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There is no business like the tea business – we are excited about your interest in The Optimum Tea products! No matter if you offer our creations in your café or bar, offer them for sale in your store or use our tea leaves directly.

as an ingredient for your delicious culinary creations: in our b2b area you are at the right spot. We will be delighted to receive your b2border here.

We as The Optimum Tea brand care about your business and hence offer the most carefully selected teas in beautiful, elegant packaging. combines taste, design, and effectiveness and enhances the tea experience to a whole new level of pleasure.

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What we do

We set trends in tea development and in the ways of enjoying tea, and thereby open up new markets and sales opportunities worldwide.

Over the decades, we have helped to develop sales markets by, for example, advancing the flavoring of teas, developing decaffeinated teas and instant teas, promoting the use of the pyramid bag for high-end leaf teas, and creating modern convenience concepts.

Like no other drink, tea links a tradition thousands of years old with our Modern Age and the world of tomorrow. We offer our customers the fascinating opportunity to conquer all the many facets of tea.

We offer tailor-made solutions – from individual recipes to innovative packaging solutions. Given a certain minimum quantity, we can turn any and every compelling idea into reality. Please feel free to contact us.

We have a broad “creative pool” that includes our specialist product developers and all the experts from the various departments. Only someone who knows the special properties of teas, herbs and fruits, understands the requirements of certified products, and has distinctive expertise in flavoring processes and much more, can develop both innovative and marketable products at the same time.

How we got started?

After spending more than two years at ‘Tea Capital of Northwest India’, Palampur tea estates in Kangra valley of Himachal Pradesh, a young tea-trader pursued his vision to create exceptional tea that could be enjoyed by anyone, anywhere in India. Inspired by the pure love of tea, he and his partners embarked on a mission to explore and work with the finest tea gardens of India. They explored nearly 5000 gardens for the perfect tea leaves and finally marked five to six best tea gardens, which had a legacy of nearly 160 years. They built trusting and long term partnerships with the owners of these tea gardens so they could blend the world’s most extraordinary teas.

These were thetea gardens where Dr. William Jameson, the Superintendent of the Botanical Gardens of the North West province, visited in the mid 1800’s and planted China Jat variety of Camellia plants. This tea has received gold and silver medals at International conventions held in London and Amsterdam in 1886-95.It has a huge demand, and therefore this tea has been exported in many parts of the world including Central Asia.

Why Optimum Tea

  • (Brand Values- “Optimum Tea hallmarks of quality, care and craft”)
  • From crop to cup, our tea undergoes a long and fascinating journey to ensure that every sip bears the Optimum Tea hallmarks of quality, care and craft. We only work with the finest tea gardens around the world and we view our tea growers as a natural extension of the Optimum Tea family. We believe in inspiring people to live healthy through our distinct blends.Every blend is sampled many times during the journey from being plucked to your cup. Nothing leaves our tasting room until we are sure it is an extraordinary cup of tea, destined to inspire tea lovers everywhere.
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